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Nancy Davolio

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507 - 20th Ave. E.Apt. 2A
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HTML, Java, C++
Favorite Team
Project Start Date Priority Status Target End Date
  Persian Cat-1.0.0 02-14-2014 08-11-2014
Issue Assignee Category Priority Status
  Charset may be wrong Steven - Buchanan
  href error Anne - Dodsworth
  leading paragraph Margaret - Peacock
  jump to calculated page for any requested comment Anne - Dodsworth
  URI of blog isn’t correctly implemented Andrew - Fuller
  Drop Down in Firefox Does Not Populate Fields Steven - Buchanan
  captcha support to stop spam bots
  Add GZIP support Anne - Dodsworth
  If the loop is modified in a template before the tag blob is shown it all goes wrong Nancy - Davolio
  Tiled Galleries: image sizes overwritten by Twenty Thirteen’s Featured Gallery function Steven - Buchanan
  Fixed notices of undefined offset
  You need to globalize $table_prefix Nancy - Davolio
  Sql injection vulnerability
  podpress 8.8.2 : fix for wrong itunes tags in the rss feed Janet - Leverling
  Prepare wpDirAuth for 1.0 release Anne - Dodsworth
  Paged Comment Editing : Comment Counter related. Margaret - Peacock
  [Plugin SEO Ultimate] Bug when post has only one tag
  Localization of Currency Symbols to Database Janet - Leverling